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The lighthouse and walked on the driveway IP67 recessed ground LED RGBW 8W games light 230v
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Product Model: PNT-000295
Brand: Planetitaly

The lighthouse and walked on the driveway flush the soil with led technology rgbw-synchronized RF power supply 230V

The peculiarity of this floor led, and' is due to its modern and innovative design, with led lighting of the latest generation.

This product is ideal for external and internal environments. Protection IP67

The elements represent a solution that is quick and convenient for outdoor lighting and decoration of yards, gardens, beaches, parks.

These spotlights are ideal for illuminating walls external walls or trees, flowerbeds, meadows, or to indicate routes and paths through a practical lighting to LED.

This particular spotlight LED RGBW is suitable for recessed floor, soil, sand, lawn, comes with box and cable for the power supply. The headlight mounts a lamp holder with E27 socket for halogen bulbs, recommended for use of short-term or occasional basis; or led bulbs, for use prolonged and continuous. Led lamps included.

Brand new led lamp rgbw 8Watt high power colour therapy E27 230V Dimmer + Color light + Games light

Led lamp RGB+W 8W attack edison E27 220V - synchronized

RGBW 8W advanced COB LED Technology

Is it possible to control any number of lights with a single remote control

The color selection is done with the only touch of color circle.

With the buttons on the controller, you can also select the mode warm white light warm or cool white cold light. Then with a single lamp you can get both the colours of light the play of light both in the classical single color for illuminating the room with warm light or cold light.

Dimmer included : using the two buttons arranged it is also possible to vary the amount of light (to reduce or increase the light intensity).

The controller works on radio frequency and therefore it is not necessary to point the remote to the controller, but will work from any point in the vicinity : max 25 meters.

80 colors of light available and 8 games (programs) to light : fade - strobe - smooth - flash and other

You can change your choice of the color emitted by the lamps by mixing at will the colors.

It is possible to control the on-off switching by simply touching the sensor.

  • moulded body made of sheet steel
  • front panel round satin stainless steel
  • diffuser in transparent glass that are shatterproof and resistant to loads of up to 500kg
  • against-box in thermoplastic high resistance
  • tempered glass
  • degree of protection ip67
  • hole for flush built-143mm
  • outside diameter 150mm
  • height 195mm
  • attack crafted of porcelain E27 socket
  • supply voltage 230Volt

LED Sync : if you purchase multiple products can be controlled with a single remote control, in fact you'll have to synchronize a single remote control for all the applique, all the applique will be synchronized on the same remote control.


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