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Led bulb 6w e14 mcob mini globe lamp light spread 120 degrees miniglobo
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Product Model: PNT-000243
Brand: Planetitaly
Warm White€ 5,99250
Cool white€ 5,99250
Natrual White€ 5,99250

Bulb technology LED MCOB E14 with a consumption of just 6 watts and its 520 lumens emitted, is very well in place of a traditional light bulb 50 watt. The energy saving is enormous and it amounts precisely to 90% compared to traditional solutions comparable.

Led technology of third generation MCOB Multi Chip On Board 6w light output 50w power 220v

It is characterized by theuniformity in the light distribution, excellent color rendering, and the efficient dissipation of heat, the latter characteristic that causes it not to affect in a significant manner on the temperature of the lit rooms. Do not disperse heat as the now old traditional light bulbs, they emit zero UVA and UVB rays and have an estimated duration of 35 thousand hours, regardless of on/off cycles.

Power: 6w
Angle of emission: 120 degrees
520 Lm

Duration: 35000h
Attack: E14
Power supply: 220-240v
Length: 85mm
Diameter: 45mm

They are produced with high quality materials, durable and safe and do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead, are generally present in the traditional light bulbs, including those with low consumption.

A last important advantage is the’instant on to 100%, which makes the wait in the delivery of the light is substantially nothing.

Available in warm light 3000k, daylight 4000k, cool light 6500k


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