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Chain wire led lights decorative outdoor 10m ip65 10 light bulbs E27 garden 2000w
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Product Model: PNT-000867
Brand: Planetitaly
White€ 44,99200
Black€ 44,99200
Warm WhiteWhite€ 44,99200
Warm WhiteBlack€ 44,99200
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Yellow yBlack€ 44,99200

Chain for led lights with E27 socket for external ip65 with connector and bulb holder waterproof, the length is 10 meters supports led bulbs with E27 connection. Supports 10 bulbs with a maximum capacity of 2000w. The electric cable of high quality 2 x 1.5 mm. Also the end is equipped with female connection where you can attach a second chain. Suitable for garden lighting, outside commercial premises, for external decoration. Available in two colours black and white. 10 Bulbs E27 1w included.

NB. Light bulbs included with the possibility to choose between different colors: blue Light, yellow Light, green Light, warm white Light.


Length: 10 metres, plus 1 metre cable with plug

10 light bulbs G45 1w with E27

wire Waterproof outdoor IP65

Cable 2 x 1.5 mm

Maximum load 2000w

Attack to join 2 chains




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