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Controller RF Controller 15A 3 channels for led strip rgb spotlight led lamp bulb wireless touch remote
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Product Model: peterpan01
Brand: Planetitaly

Controller for strips and spotlights, and led lamps, RGB 3 channels 15A 12-24V + RF Remote control Touch Wireless

13 programs giiochi light available

RGB Controller Touch RF Touch

RGB Controller high-level professional technology.
The color selection is done via the touch of a circle. Simply tap the color you want to give to the device (RGB led strip, led , etc ...) the chosen color .
The selection is made with the only touch of color circle.
With the buttons on the controller, you can also select the mode full light, and that is, all three RGB channels turned on in order for it to get the white flash.
By using the two buttons arranged it is also possible to dim the amount of light (to reduce or increase the light intensity).
The controller works on radio frequency and therefore it is not necessary to point the remote to the controller, but will work from any point in the vicinity, even if the controller is hidden or enclosed in junction boxes.
Easy installation and intuitive.
The remote control requires 3 batteries aaa ( AAA) .
The control unit RF, operating at 12-24V dc power, it can handle a total load equal to 15A (5A per channel) thanks to 3 powerful final transistors MosFet.
In addition to the function of turning on and off by a remote control unit, the control unit is capable of remembering the last setting made, even if it is interrupted the power supply.
This is useful in the case in which the device is inserted in a circuit controlled by a main switch or other type of command.
You can change your choice of the color emitted by the lamps by mixing at will the colors.
It is possible to control the on-off switching by simply touching the sensor.
It is possible to adjust the intensity (dim) the intensity of the output in a gradual way, keeping a finger over the sensor for a few seconds until it reaches the desired brightness.
The connections are very simple, just connect on one side of the terminal, the 12V or 24V power supply and on the remaining terminals, the lamp RGB 12V or 24v.
Maximum supply: dc 12-volt max 180Watt
24Volt max 360Watt
For a max distance of about 30 meters.


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