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Led light bulb, a puff of wind E14 6W yield 50w light warm natural cold
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Product Model: PNT-000648
Brand: Planetitaly
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Bulb E14 technology to led in the form of a puff of wind for chandelier, ceiling lights.
Bulb 6W with "attack small screw" E14 540 Lumens, equivalent to a 50W incandescent.

The hue and color of emitted light is similar to that of a common incandescent bulb.
The duration of over 30,000 hours is much higher than common light bulbs, and the special feature not to be affected by the cycles of ON-OFF switching makes it more durable than even energy saving light bulbs, instead see reduced their duration depending on how many times they are switched on and off.
Another feature that makes them better than the common energy saving light bulbs is the ability to light up to 100% of the possibilities right from the first moments of ignition. No more waiting to get the light you want.
An important note is that light is supplied at an angle of 210 degrees with respect to the attack of the bulb.

power supply 220-240 volts
power 6 watts
yield 48 watts
lumen 540
temperature, available light, light: 3000k, 4000k, 6000k
opening the beam of light 210 degrees
life 30000 hours
the number of cycles on / off 12500
energy class A+
trademark EC


height 125 mm
diameter 37 mm

Package contents:

1 x led light bulb the breath of the wind E14

In their class they represent in the field of lighting a product of first-class.

And is a replacement lamp, so it can be used without changing the bulb holder and without changing the existing lighting system.
Brightness adjustable by dimmer.


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