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Spotlight lamp led RGB+WHITE 8W E27 220V synchronized dimmer rf controller 30 metres chromotherapy RGBW
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Product Model: gattopardo
Brand: Planetitaly

Brand new led lamp rgb + cool white 8Watt high power colour therapy E27 220V DIMMER + COLOR LIGHT + GAMES LIGHT-SYNCHRONIZED
Led lamp RGB+W 8W attack edison E27 220V - synchronized
RGB 8W advanced COB LED Technology
Including color light led cold white RGB+WHITE
Is it possible to control any number of lamps from a single remote control
The acronym RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) refers to the three basic colors, used for composition of infinite shades of color present in nature. Through the use of electronic control units and control systems, it is possible to modulate the light of colored Leds (red, green, and blue) to obtain infinite shades of color; with this technology, every color can be represented as the sum of three coloured Led's, bright intensity different light for a total of over 16 million colors.
In the past, the management of the colored light, was by means of filters and jellies; today, thanks to the advent of technology Led multicolor RGB all this has been amply exceeded. This technology combines all the advantages of LED lighting with the possibility to create millions of colors, with components of reduced size and, which was unthinkable until a few years ago, flying through the simple power units to several hundreds of luminous groups. Illuminate the Led with the RGB technology allows you to achieve strong energy savings and significant improvements in the quality of the lighting.
In addition, Led lighting RGB, allows the realization of multi-sensory showers, rooms for therapy within the wellness centres. Management, home automation of Led light, and/or electronic control via the ecu's local, you can define lighting scenarios ideal for any setting.
Create a very special atmosphere with a power consumption of about 8w total.
With the remote control, RGB LED RF INCLUDED , you can run the bulb with the following features:
• Switching on and off of the bulb
• Change the color of the light
• Increase or decrease the brightness (only with the preset color)
• Special effects such as: change progressive color with two different speeds or instant change between all the colors
  • new feature : there is a new dedicated button to the color white with built-in dimmer, high power white light bright
It is possible to control the lamp with the remote control within a radius of 30 metres!
View our website www.planetitaly.eu www.planetitaly.it
Warranty Italy, delivery time 48 hours, immediate availability.


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