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Applique lamp LED reading bedside table bed touch dimmer warm light diffuser, a flexible glass 3W
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Product Model: PNT-000142
Brand: Planetitaly

Lamp touch reading LED with flexible arm dimmer included diffuser glass wall for modern bedroom bedside table

  • Power supply supplied remote.
  • Flexible length 44 cm Optical 60°.
  • The light source of wall lamp with reader LED black is a 3W LED 3000K included.
  • Product dimension 525 x 85 x 35mm
  • Size the cradle to the wall mounting 85 x 85 x 35mm

Control system, Touch Dimmer included for the adjustment of the light intensity.

Save energy and high brightness guaranteed. power consumption of only 3w compared to a light output of approximately 35w

This product is ideal for reading or as lighting from the bedside table.

The lamp is suitable for both home use and office, allows you to adjust the intensity of the light emitted, and can be oriented according to the need of lighting.

Power supply 230Vac, power supply included, light color warm white color lamp black.

This product has been designed to adapt perfectly to the furniture more sought after. It combines effectively the elements like curtains, furniture, colorful walls and accessories. The extreme attention to detail and design help you express your personal style and decorate your home just the way you like it. Creates an environment and a welcoming atmosphere for you and your friends and family.

Our reading lamp/LED wall stands out for the elegant Design effect in black and for the light aimed, directional. The flexible arm in combination with the bundle of emission narrow-allow for a lighting very precise. The structure of the body of the lens makes the light distribution is particularly homogeneous.
suitable as a desk lamp/work or for the bedroom.

The items included in the supply
LED lamp, mounting material for mounting


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