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Wall lamp led wall 28w light rgb multi color games light 230v
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Product Model: PNT-000490
Brand: Planetitaly

Modern lamp led wall 28w led technology rgb-synchronized RF power supply 230V

The peculiarity of this wall is given by its modern and innovative design, with led lighting of the latest generation.
As you can see from the photos this lamp does not have the presence of light bulbs visible and makes a good light.
A product that can not miss in your home where will amaze any person that will see and will make your home even more cozy and modern, perfect for any setting, lounge, hallway, children room, villa, hall, disco, bars, pubs, anywhere!!
Is it possible to control any number of applique with a single remote control
The acronym RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) refers to the three basic colors, used for composition of infinite shades of color present in nature. Through the use of electronic control units and control systems, it is possible to modulate the light of colored Leds (red, green, and blue) to obtain infinite shades of color; with this technology, every color can be represented as the sum of three coloured Led's, bright intensity different light for a total of over 16 million colors.
The selection is made with the only touch of color circle.
With the buttons on the controller, you can also select the mode full light , and that is, all three RGB channels turned on in order to get the white flash 6400K.
Dimmer included : using the two buttons arranged it is also possible to vary the amount of light (to reduce or increase the light intensity).
The controller works on radio frequency and therefore it is not necessary to point the remote to the controller, but will work from any point in the vicinity : max 25 meters.
80 colors of light available and 13 games (programs) to light : fade - strobe - smooth - flash and other
You can change your choice of the color emitted by the lamps by mixing at will the colors.
It is possible to control the on-off switching by simply touching the sensor.
RGB Controller professional including
Direct power supply to the 230Vac
Materials: Aluminum color grey mad silver.
Electricity: Led light with RGB system programmable.
Size: 500mm x 50mm ; diameter of inner circle 170mm
LED Sync : if you purchase multiple products can be controlled with a single remote control, in fact you'll have to synchronize a single remote control for all the applique, all the applique will be synchronized on the same remote control.
Important: using the remote control, you can set button the light color cold white, then this wall produces both light rgb light cool white


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