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Spotlight floor LED 8w light 4000K grazing two windows marks steps 12V IP68
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Product Model: PNT-000622
Brand: Planetitaly

Spotlight grazing dual-emission natural light 4000k 8w low voltage 12Vdc IP68 protection.

Recessed luminaire, driveway and walked to the outside light grazing double window.
Provided with built-in box in polypropylene for floor mounting.
We recommend 300 mm of drainage.

Technical product, is characterized by a degree of the protection IP68 preventing the formation of condensation on the inside of the product.
Lighting from the outside, thanks to its characteristic strength higher and a high mechanical resistance is especially suitable as a light automobile, able to support weights without getting damaged.
Also, adding more devices, you can create a sequence of light, ideal for lighting of trails and paths, roads and driveways.

Grazing 2 windows is extremely quick to install because the supplied cable outgoing; the power supply is not included.
Thanks to the led technology, 8w the light emitted ranges from 1 to 2/3 feet in front of them, emitting light from a single output: in this way it manages to illuminate without dazzling.
This capacity low beam makes it a good choice for the entrance of hotels as well as for private residences, and to indicate locations within the parks or driveways.

Lamp path light aluminum. A walkable, max 500kg.
Diffuser in transparent thermoplastic.
Equipped with SMD LED 8W.
Color temperature: 4000°K.
Power supply 12VDC transformer bypassed.
Floor installation without the need of a break

The body, flange and dome-alloy, die-cast aluminum , painted and resistant to corrosion.
Protection treatment iridite, primer, epoxy powder and polyester powder coating.
Degree of protection IP68 , which avoids the formation of condensation on the inside of the product.
Diffuser in tempered glass, convex transparent, thickness 8mm.
The product comes with 20cm of cable.

Dimensions: 200 x 30mm


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