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Panel led spot light bulb headlight ultra slim recessed spring round square lamp panel
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Product Model: PNT-000125
Brand: Planetitaly
Warm White6WRound€ 5,5050
Warm White6WSquare€ 5,5044
Warm White12WRound€ 8,5050
Warm White12WSquare€ 8,5046
Warm White18WRound€ 10,9950
Warm White18WSquare€ 10,9934
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Cool white3WRound€ 3,4550
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Cool white6WRound€ 5,5050
Cool white6WSquare€ 5,5050
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Cool white12WSquare€ 8,5050
Cool white18WRound€ 10,9950
Cool white18WSquare€ 10,9950
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Cool white24WSquare€ 13,5050
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Natrual White6WRound€ 5,5050
Natrual White6WSquare€ 5,5050
Natrual White12WRound€ 8,5050
Natrual White12WSquare€ 8,5050
Natrual White18WRound€ 10,9950
Natrual White18WSquare€ 10,9950
Natrual White20WRound€ 12,9950
Natrual White24WRound€ 13,5050
Natrual White24WSquare€ 13,5050

Spotlight led panel recessed to provide a diffuse illumination, thereby reducing consumption and maintenance costs. Thanks to led technology it is possible to obtain reduced fuel consumption, excellent brightness and easy installation. The product features led light source integrated with long duration and without the need of maintenance, the installation is simplified also from your system, recessed spring-loaded fins, the thickness of ultra-slim allows for installation in most ceilings. In package is also included with the led driver to the correct feeding of leds.

General specifications:

Sisema recessed spring-loaded fins
Lighting angle: 180 degrees
Diffused light
Led driver separate (included in package)
Thickness untra slim: only 25mm
Power supply: 220-240V

Specifications 3w:


  • Hole dimensions: 7cm
  • External dimensions: 9cm
  • Lumen issued: 210lm

Specifications 6w:

  • Size of hole: 10cm
  • External dimensions: 12cm
  • Lumen issued: 480lm

Specifications 9w:

  • Size of hole: 13cm
  • External dimensions: 15cm
  • Lumen issued: 720lm

Specifications 12w:

  • Hole size: 15cm
  • External dimensions: 17cm
  • Lumen issued: 960lm

Specifications 18w:

  • Hole size: 20cm
  • External dimensions: 22.5 cm
  • Lumen issued: 1440lm

Specifications 20w:

  • Hole size: 22cm
  • External dimensions: 24cm
  • Lumen issued: 1600lm

Specifications 24w:

  • Hole size: 27.5 cm
  • External dimensions: 29.5 cm
  • Lumen issued: 1920lm


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