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Led spotlight cob 7w spot binary three-phase track 720lm zoom light 10 is 50 degrees black
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Product Model: PNT-000870
Brand: Planetitaly
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LED spotlight COB 7w for binary three-phase, with the possibility to adjust the light beam from 10° up to 50°, or to have a light beam that is wider or more narrow according to your needs. Metal body cylindrical with a modern design, it features a ledo COB's high-efficiency 7w no flicker and no UV radiation. Ideal for both commercial use and for homes, color black, fits any decor, any type of furniture. Its light source is a LED chip COB high efficiency with a luminous flux of 720 lm and an angle of illumination that goes from 10° up to 50°. And' the ideal solution to replace the old lights to metal halide or halogen lights, allowing you to save up to 85% on energy consumption and giving the room a quality of light superior.

Equipped with system of rotation to be able to orientatare in any direction, allowing you to change the illumination depending on how you want to put in the exhibition, the products exhibited.

This allows us to have a LED lighting system dynamic and versatile that it will adapt perfectly to your needs.


1 Led COB 7w high brightness

Armor metal black

Light angle adjustable from 10° up to 50°

Life: 25000 h

Luminous flux 720 lm

Power supply: 110-265V AC - power consumption 0.28 A - frequency 50 Hz

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x H 53mm


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