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Projector light LED COB modern design, slim lighting shop windows pictures exterior
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Product Model: PNT-000277
Brand: Planetitaly
Warm White10W€ 45,00100
Warm White50w€ 89,99100
Warm White30W€ 74,99100
Cool white10W€ 45,00100
Cool white50w€ 89,99100
Cool white30W€ 74,99100

Projector light, COB LED, modern design lighting, showcases paintings, garden outdoor, led lighting, power and aesthetics

The LED projectors from the external you use for lighting building facades and walls. This lighting system takes maximum advantage of the light emitted, raggiungiendo 90%, and only lose 10% of heat, for which just emits C02 emissions. In addition, the LED projectors are low power, do not emit ultraviolet nor infrared, and have a life cycle much higher than a system of traditional lighting.

With an excellent finish, is perfect for places where in addition to the lighting, it also has the aesthetics.

Projector spotlight with frame end and the Lens COB.
Has a compact body made of aluminium, with roofs of glass, offering a protection factor of IP65, ideal for outdoor use.
The heat sink maximizes its useful life, in very good condition.
High performance and efficiency packed into this projector's adjustable LED, instant on and no flicker-free.
Widely used in lighting for facades, pergolas, industrial buildings, warehouses, parking lots, etc.

LED spotlight is ideal for lighting signs, billboards and shop windows. His lens secondary provides an opening angle of 110º, distributing the light beam efficiently to the desired goals. Is formed by a support and an iron base that, combined with the LEd Spotlight in aluminium allow for the installation of ceiling or wall-mounted, providing the perfect setting to capture and attract customers. Has a protection factor of IP65, class A.

Our LED floodlight COB is available with temperature light : warm light 3000k and white light 6000k.
Power supply 110-240V AC/50Hz. cable included 1 meter.

The projector is available in 3 varinti of light power : 10w / 30w / 50w

Size projector light 10w : 165.5 x 155 x 47.7 mm 800 lumen

Size projector light 30w : 196.5 x 215 x 76.3 mm 2400 lumen

Size projector light 50w : 220.5 x 240 x 77.7 mm 4000 lumens


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