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Strip waterproof IP65 5m strip 12V waterproof 600 Led 3000K 4000K 6000K
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Product Model: PNT-000828
Brand: Planetitaly
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Led Strip 5 meters 600 LEDS SMD 2835, flexible and equipped with powerful double-sided adhesive, you can stick on curved surfaces. Can also be cut to your liking each bank of 3 LEDS at the point indicated.
The smd led 2835 is extremely efficient, provides an excellent colour rendition index of at least 80Ra.

This LED strip is produced with the standard IP for the resistance to the external agents, they have a width of 1 cm and are equipped with adhesive 3M.

In addition, unlike many of the other strips LEDS on the market, this strip is equipped with a plug that allows the switching on of all LEDS.

The moulds are made according to the current standard and exclusive, and are manufactured in factories are highly automated and efficient.

High light output.

The strip is IP65 from the outside, can be used for:

-furniture indoor/outdoor use: the avenue, balcony, boat, camper, garden, corridors, windows, archways, stairs, contours, trails, diy, household, shop, shop windows, advertisement, hotels.

Low voltage power supply 12Volt dc, you can use them even when the electricity comes from batteries or photovoltaic panels.
This product can be applied without drilling the surfaces affected by the installation, by means of the film adhesive 3M along the back of the LED strip.


  • The strip is suitable for various applications including:
  • Tuning
  • Backlight televisions wall
  • Illumination of shelves and hood
  • Courtesy light
  • Lighting boats
  • Lighting of stairs, windows, furniture, cabinets?
  • Lighting avenues, exterior, garden, pool, trees, plants, flower beds, walkways, and a terrace.


  • Not fulminano like light bulbs
  • The brightness remains unchanged over time, with lots of light as soon as turned on not you have to wait
  • Life 25000 h
  • 50000 on/off Cycles
  • Consumption is 90% less than halogen lamps
  • Do not heat up like halogen lamps, you can apply them onto walls, wallpaper, wood
  • Respect the environment as they do not contain harmful material such as mercury for example


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