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Spotlight 18 led path indicators for wood furniture, kitchens, camper, boat yacht 24v 1.2 w
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Product Model: PNT-000215
Brand: Planetitaly

Spotlight, 18 led support for installation in furniture, shelves, wood boat, yacht marks steps 1,2 w 24v 3000k

Spotlights from the support specially developed for installation in furniture, shelves, under the roof, segnapassi, yacht, boat, home, office, etc these spotlights are distinguished, in particular, to the thickness of only 8mm. and for the fact that it does not develop heat, and then can be fixed without problems in wooden furniture, shelves, under cabinets and any flat surface, plastic, metal, wood, plasterboard etc

The nice thing is that they are especially able to make it much more warm and welcoming atmosphere of the environment in which they are placed. In addition, to furnish, in fact, being a low power consumption and environmentally friendly, will allow you to significantly reduce the costs of your electricity bill.

Technical features:

  • dimensions : 67 x 67 x 8mm
  • power supply : 24Vdc
  • temperature light : warm white 3000k
  • power consumption : only 1.2 w
  • high light output : 69 Lumens
  • diffused light : beam angle 25 degrees
  • body : aluminum
  • included connection cable 250cm

Technical advice for the installation:

We have held it appropriate to recommend 2 types of transformers to power these leds, the first transformer is to power max 3 spotlights, the second transformer can power up to 12 of these spotlights at the same time, and then based on the number of spotlights that you purchased, you can opt for the first or the second transformer.


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