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Complete Kit for shower downlight chrome ip65 led rgb 3w 12v color therapy mr16
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Product Model: PNT-000560
Brand: Planetitaly


Recessed ideal for humid environments, you can install it inside showers, Turkish baths, wellness centres, very humid environments, etc...

Lamp RGB LED 3-Watt 12 volt 16 colors can be managed directly from the remote control as a dowry.
Recessed spotlight, steel construction, polished chrome finish, system of fixing to the false ceiling via the springs, can be installed even in environments with the presence of moisture bath and shower, IP65.

This spotlight is particularly suitable for the lighting of the showers, steam room etc
Create a very special atmosphere with a power consumption of around 5w total.

The elegant and simple Design, color chrome, material anti-oxidant, full of stationary block lamp, and lugs for fixing the ceiling plasterboard.
Protection rating IP65, can be used also in outdoor environments.
Hole for built-in recommended 70mm, outside diameter 85mm..

In the spotlight is mounted to a circuit that allows you to control the light emitted by the infrared remote control supplied, and then, without installing wires or receivers (it is all already integrated in the spotlight, the receiver!).

The functions available using the buttons on the remote are:
- flash key, or a single power on and off very fast.
- change of colour with the spectrum of the rainbow, speed adjustable from the remote control (key speed), with color-changing flash (button fast) or fading gradually (button smooth). You can also pause (pause button) and resume (play button).
- strobe light (key strobe)
- fixed light, with a color can be set by selecting individually the three levels of colors comprise: red, blue and green (RGB and buttons on the relevant channels).

The spotlight has just been turned on it emits light in a gradual color change.

It is possible to control any number of spotlights with one remote control.
The multicolor light is ideal for chandeliers, windows, shops, but also used for color therapy, for example, inside showers, or saunas.

Their duration is on average 25 times greater than that of the halogen spotlights are traditional, therefore they cut the cost of replacement of the spotlights, especially if placed in points not very accessible.
The pure color obtainable by the led is greater and of superior quality to that of the spotlights with a coloured filter, the light is pure, and is produced directly in the desired color. Also, unlike filters, do not fade with time.

Caution: the remote control is included. A single remote can control any number of spotlights
In addition, the remote control also works as a switch and as a regulator of the intensity of the emitted light (dimmer).
Transformer for 12v led 4w ip65 included.


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