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Downlight led square 1w point light shelves, display cabinets finish white silver 230v
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Product Model: PNT-000625
Brand: Planetitaly
Warm Whitealluminio grigio€ 3,50500
Warm Whitealluminio bianco€ 3,501
Cool whitealluminio grigio€ 3,50500
Cool whitealluminio bianco€ 3,50500
Natrual Whitealluminio grigio€ 3,50500
Natrual Whitealluminio bianco€ 3,50500

Effective implementation of the system of LED lighting for steps, stairs, path indicators, built-for internal use.
The product used is a led spotlight 1w.
Has an opening of 30 degrees which provides a concentrated light and elegant.
The spotlight is available in both white finish, both with silver finish.
Temperature light available: warm light 3000k, daylight 4000k, light frdda 6000k.

Model fixed square recessed LED, with power of 1w.
Elegant mini recessed lighting, ideal for exhibitors, halls and shop windows.
The body of the downlight and diffuser are made of aluminum to dissipate efficiently the heat.
The epoxy paint that helps prevent corrosion.
A light downlight with a minimal consumption that, in turn, contributes to a fidelity color reproduction of the displayed products.
Areas of application: clothing stores, hotels, shop windows and exhibition rooms.


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