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Lighthouse led diving IP68 LED RGB 18W 24V lighting swimming pools, fountains, ponds
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Product Model: montale
Brand: Planetitaly

Spotlight from the immersion protection IP68 18W RGB change color

This headlight RGB is a lighting fitting of new conception, result of an accurate choice of components which are highly technological. Thanks to its reduced size, it can also be installed in small tubs or swimming pools, without sacrificing a considerable light emission, because within it is seated a light source generated by the 6 Super LED 3W power each.
The machine is made of stainless steel AISI 316L, for installation in pools, tubs or fountains. The device is assembled in the factory to ensure a degree of protection to the adequate water up to two metres deep.
There is no type of maintenance on the part of the user, which are not to be disassembled, the various parts of the instrument. This headlight RGB tolerate the treated water and salt. You must verify the suitability of the same in special installations with the presence of the thermal waters that may contain dangerous concentrations of harmful substances for the device.
Ideal for use under water, as in swimming pools, fountains and ponds.
16 colors of light available, and 4 games of light changes color
Spotlight outdoor IP68 LED power RGB for colour variations that are dynamic, i.e. able to emit light of all colours obtainable by mixing the three basic colors Red, Green and Blue; wide choice of colour shades by pressing a button.
With this led spotlight for swimming pool, it is possible to immediately have an energy-saving 90%, long service life and no maintenance costs.
This headlight RGB only works with a power supply and a control unit (not supplied in conjunction with the lighthouse). For information on which transformer and control unit to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For devices intended to operate in immersion (IP68) or severe conditions (IP66), the junction of the power cable must be watertight, better if placed in a dry place. The joints made with adhesive tape, heat shrink, resin, gel or the like, are not believed to be reliable. In the case of the junction is not perfectly tight, the water in contact with the junction penetrates through the cable and to the capillarity is slowly and gradually drawn into the equipment in harmful quantities. This phenomenon occurs due to variations in the pressure of the air inside the lighthouse, due during its operation, to the various stages of heating and cooling consequent to the periods of switching on and off.
This headlight RGB SHOULD WORK ONLY IN a DIVE, penalty the decay early in the life of the LED.


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