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Power supply Transformer for LED 20W -12V SLIM Input 220-240V-Out 12V 1.67 A
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Product Model: PNT-000208
Brand: Planetitaly

Transformer power Supply for LED 20W -12V SLIM Input 220-240V-Out 12V 1.67 A

These transformers slim-line electronic power supply is ideal for all of your products to 12Vdc as: LED bulbs, LED spotlights, LED strips, LED lights or your creations with LED components.

These transformers, LEDS are technically designed precisely to LEDS and therefore constitute a source of power ideal for all LED applications. Unlike conventional transformers, the dc voltage is smoothed from' integrated electronics.

The LEDS connected are not, therefore, exposed to power surges, malicious or fluctuations. A life to the maximum of the LED is guaranteed.

· Short circuit protection
· Overload protection

· IP 20 protection
· input voltage 220-240 V AC
· output voltage 12 V DC
· Power 0-20 W
· length 154 mm
· width 50 mm
· character height 14 mm
· the power supply provides the output constant voltage 12V DC perserva the electronics of the LED lamp and extends the hours of operation.

Note: Transformers, LEDS can only be connected by qualified electricians. The applicable accident prevention regulations must be complied with. To avoid electric shock, turn off equipment before working on the power supply.


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